Sleater-Kinney — Pompeii

Слова и текст песни Sleater-Kinney — Pompeii

and then one fine morning
she woke, she knew
one long look at her life
it was you
(What you want youmight never have
Wait for it until it forms a scar)

Come hell or high water
Her heart was made
NO friendand no love
Will get in the way

For size long years happiness spoke
but then the time was up
the spell was broke
(Take your time, no hurry up
Change your mind, go back to the start)

She said that I have done
to get my way
What I have done
to get this day

YOu’re gonna find out
You’re gonna get low
It’s time to darken your soul
Fortune weary love
Fortune weary love
Baby don’t you dare give up on me now

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