Сириус — Travellers Of The Stellar Ocean

Слова и текст песни Сириус — Travellers Of The Stellar Ocean

Swaying in the cosmic winds, enraptured by arcane visions of endless stargates swathed by the origin of all
A thousand dimensions spreading from the ancestral void, hearken as I howl unto the splendorous night this call:
"Sirius, (come to me) mighty sothis of the ancients Let thy fires be strengthened by the ones inside my skin
Rekindle flames of crative magick fettered beyond my (veil of) humanity and torch the myriad galaxies that lurk so deep therein"
Shalt ever our voices sing in unison ‘twixt bewildered stars, to see secrets of all space and time before our eyes unfold?
Shalt my hands touch a new beggining, rising beyond its end, and soar throughout the multiverse ‘pon aethereal wings within my soul? Galaxiesthey are but dust in our hands A mighty dragon I behold, whose bosom spawned forth time, rolled upon his fiery tongue, his immortal tail does stand
Close thine eye, oh source of power and watch everything die

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