Shakaya — Stop Calling Me (Radio Edit)

Слова и текст песни Shakaya — Stop Calling Me (Radio Edit)

stop callin me, callin me
please stop stalking me, stalking me
just a fantasy, fantasy
that you have with me

well im dressed ready for a night with the girls
hair stiff with gel for my curls
not out for hooks just for a look
she lied as she tried to introduce me to her friend
i shook his hand and said "i gotta man"
from the look that he gave
a woman that he craves
im just tryin to behave yeah


at home, a knock on the door
then the phone, pick it up some breathing then a tone
check the door but whoever was there is gone
who knows who left the letter with the rose
regret it dont forget i got a man at home
my point ya gotta leave me the hell alone!


don’t call me on my phone (who gave you my number?)
tell me how did you find my home (my girls say your a sucker)
your causing trouble for me and my man understand
(understand understand)
i’ll never be your woman yeah!


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