Same Same — Strange Lover

Слова и текст песни Same Same — Strange Lover

You’re a stranger
A strange lover
You’re my addiction I can’t get over
You seduce me
Then you recluse me
Always on the run are you a refugee?
While I’m in love
You’re out having fun
With your friends but not with number one
Passion killer
Sex thriller
All these things that make you a strange lover

I have waited so long to belong to you
And now that here all I fear

I’ve been wasting my time
Writing these silly rhymes
To make you mine
Love will come and go
Now you’re back on the saddle
And I’m alone
Strange lover come back home

In and out of
This thing we call love
But when it’s in
Its fits like a glove
I’m in danger of losing a stranger
Tell me how did we ever end up together

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