Rudra — Majestic Ashtavakra

Слова и текст песни Rudra — Majestic Ashtavakra

The mortal self subject to misery
Is bound by Besha Kala and Vastu
This misery is caused by the delusion
That the seeker and sought and dual

I am the one
Non dually one, I am

«You are really unbound and actionless,
Self-illuminating and spotless already.
The cause of your bondage is that you are
Still resorting to stilling the mind.»
No effort will gain you the immortal self

Karmas and Dhyana are futile to me
Because I am forever free

Samadhi is of no use to me
Cittavrtti Nirodha is a fruitless pursuit
Because I am the forever free
Aham nitya muktah

«As I alone give light to this body, so I do to the world.
As a result the whole world is mine, or alternatively nothing is»

Through the Shruti alone one discovers that the Self is
Nitya shuddha buddha mukta svabhava
Akashavad anantoham ghatavat prakrtam jagat
Iti jnanam tathaitasya na tyago na graho layah

I am the one
Non dually one, I am

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