Rosae Crucis — The Black Stone

Слова и текст песни Rosae Crucis — The Black Stone

Drop down the dagon’s lake
and see it falling to the hell
Drop down the dagon’s lake
and wait

The Menhir the Ancient druids built them
Romans are sure, believing in the words of Caio
The Power Circles are signs left from thousands years ago
The reptile race,that you awake, reclaming power

Subdue by Stone subdue by the warrior-king
The ancient race is coming out from the hell
Bounded by relic feld from the sky of rl’yeah
Give them the stone, they will accomplish your fate


Got the Black Stone
Hold the Black Stone
Hide the Black Stone Bran

Through the Gates to
Ancient idol fall

Legion after Legion
Centurions advancing
Dethroning you
the king of caledonian tribes

They kill your brothers
the smell of blood refill the air
Villages are burning
The Crying of the Pictish men

Gladius after Gladius
The picts are falling to the ground
your haste and hate cann’t wait until the morning sun
Unleash the power of the black stone in your hands
Release the power of the worms of the Earth

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