Romanovsky & Phillips — The Prince Charming Tango

Слова и текст песни Romanovsky & Phillips — The Prince Charming Tango

I met you on a rainy day
But the sun’s been out since
And I knew from that moment
That you were my prince
Funny how life is
Always a big surprise
I thought the man of my dreams
Would have blue eyes
And I thought you’d be taller
I thought you’d be rich
I never thought you’d be moody
And at times such a bitch
I thought you’d be brilliant
A real Einstein
But you’d rather watch TV
Than challenge my mind
I thought you’d be happy
And never complain
But you’re so neurotic
You make me feel sane!
I deamt about you
Did you dream about me?
You wore shining armor
And you rescued me
Funny how dreams are
Not always as they seem
My handsome prince turned out
To be more of a queen
You’re not as romantic
As I hoped you’d be
You never buy flowers
At least not for me
We never go strolling
Or watch the sun set
We haven’t made love outdoors
Since the night that we met
I thought you’d be athletic
With muscles for days
But I guess it don’t matter
‘Cause I love you the same
Do do do do, do do do do do do do
Nya nya nya nya, nya nya nya nya nya nya
But don’t fear my darling
‘Cause you know it’s you I adore
And I know you can’t be blamed
If at times you’re a bore

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