Rj Jimenez — True Love Waits

Слова и текст песни Rj Jimenez — True Love Waits

You know that I love you
I know that you feel the same way too
Baby I want too
Show my affection like you do

But there’s a feeling, a feeling I can’t understand
It’s not the right time for this kind of romance
Tell me if you fell it too
Someday I’ll make it up to you

So hear me say
I wanna give you everything you want, everything you need
All the love in the world that I can bring
Let’s take it slow
I don’t wanna see you cry when we realize that we made a wrong decision in our lives
This isn’t the perfect time for everything
So just believe, that true love waits

When were together
You know that I can feel the fire
It’s a matter of controlling our desire

Let’s make it special
When until the right time comes
When that happens
Our love will never be the same

This is how I respect you
I know that we can pull this through

Rep chorus

I want this friendship to last forever
My love will let me last than ever

Repeat chorus 2x

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