Rishloo — Alchemy Alice

Слова и текст песни Rishloo — Alchemy Alice

All the same I Chased the Cheshire looked for all the same relief
And further more I dug in further more than you can bury deep it’s so
Sad to see so glad you found your own way out
Arraign your head with crowns invisible high
Remember why you’re here is to inspire
For what it’s worth it’s hollow pantomiming what’s it worth to you
To be sure lick the needle to be sure you’re truly through it’s so
Apart from all of these still waves the fissures open to align have some water friend you’re looking pale this wasn’t part of the design
Beware the storm avoid the frozen rain
Ash the passing dusty collar Inserting spikes for their embrace forgetting why you’re here is to inspire
Quit bleeding it’s how they found us so responsive draining out across the floor seeping through the chasm frail and wanting needing nothing less than more curtain vague illusions from the sideshow to dispel the fantasy bleeding always bleeding ever bleeding till the vein runs dry
Here take this nail and push it inside in fuckin’ hatter
You’ll feel so much better as this nerve dies in true Alice fashion
Drive out the centering

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