Reisa L. Gerber — Maybe You Would Understand

Слова и текст песни Reisa L. Gerber — Maybe You Would Understand

My friend didn’t feel well for awhile
She wouldn’t laugh, no, no,
She wouldn’t smile
She got violent one rainy afternoon-
They called the cops, it was over soon

Now she had more pain in her mind
Than "Sister Morphine"
But they say "She needs a drug to keep her high"
But if you had been some places
Where she’s been,
Maybe you would start to wonder "Why"-yi-yi

My friend, he had noplace to go-
His mother and his father tried to get him to
Come home
But he’d spent so much time tryig to get away,
From them, he said, "Aint coming back"-
They found him on a parkbench, unconscious-
Look at his arms-you’ll see the tracks


My friend was a genius at his school
He never cursed, never drank,
And followed the golden Rule
Oneday he hung out on the corner
With a gang of I’ll repute-
He raped a girl
"because he thought that she was cute"

Dedicated to: The Rolling Stones
Reisa L Gerber

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