Rachel Wedeward — Pleasure

Слова и текст песни Rachel Wedeward — Pleasure

Hello (hello)
It’s a pleasure meeting you
Seeing you
It’s been nice meeting you
Now I gotta go (bye)

Ever since the day I saw your face
I can’t get you eraseed out of my head
The way you move
Looks so smooth
Can we go out sometime


1st Verse:
I know we just meant
But you’ve got me up in a sweat
It’s getting hot in here
I better not cause I already have a man


X2 2nd Verse:
I should wait by the phone
For my man to call
To check on me if I’m any bit alone
I’m sorry you can’t be my man
You’ll just have to wait for a new plan

1st verse
Chorus x4

Pleasure (Part Two)

If the pleasure is yours
Than the pleasure is mine
Let’s take some time so we can do this right

Shall we stay in the moment
To look in each others eyes
Can it just be us 2gether U and I
And all else can be left behind tonight


1st Verse:
Nothing should come towards our way
I know we just met
And maybe we can become more then friends


2nd Verse:
I’m lost in your embrace
We can do this again any other day

Chorus fades

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