Proximity — Wood Work

Слова и текст песни Proximity — Wood Work

Don’t try to tell me you’re just a different kind of freak
The more you think you’re loved the more Scars on your knees
Shit packing lazy f*c*ers suing for your dreams
Grow up be a man stop nurturing disease
Chorus: Hate, a soul for sale
In me, just look at me
My fate and how I live
Let me live my hate
And pain, in what’s become
We’ll see, who’s taking sides
I’ll be my mortal sin
Stay the f*c* away from me
Oh f*c*ing move to Greenland
Leave humans alone
You f*c*ing even smile at me
I’ll show you my gun
It’s my f*c*ing world
There’s no room for you
You f*c*ing faggots yeah nuke the queers
repeat chorus
Bridge: How do you even dare to step outside
When all I want is blood to flow
I’ll burn the wood that you’ve called your home
Deep inside my feelings grow

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