Proximity — Come From Broken

Слова и текст песни Proximity — Come From Broken

No more long sorrows
Angered and enraged
You must control me
When I talk back
And you won’t listen to me
Cause you think you are
A threat unto my soul
(well f*c* you!)
Chorus: Destined to make you a follower of my flesh.
Only some will stop you with a bullet in your chest.
Many times you’ve told me it was nothing but the best.
I’ve come from broken to take your land.
I won’t stop you
If you can’t tell the truth
But you can’t expect me
To be your fool
And you won’t listen to me
So into your work
The more you take time
The less you’re worth.
(so f*c* you)
repeat chorus
You have saved me from my life
You have saved my life

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