Plankeye — How Much I Dont Know

Слова и текст песни Plankeye — How Much I Dont Know

I want to show you how much, I don’t really know you too much
and I can’t skip by this misfortunate predictament
I can’t get myself out of it, it’s all too much

too late, yes I guess that it’s so
huess I just wnated to know
but I can’t shirk responsibility considering
it’s all there is to being me
and I juset thought you should know
if you just keep opening doors
I promise that I’ll keep testing the locks
hello, this is the end of the line
oh yeah, I’m doing just fine
no I won’t pretend that I am open eyed, unsurprised or anything but
mystified, true and tried, I guess it takes this long to realize
just how much I don’t know

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