Persuader — Wipe Out

Слова и текст песни Persuader — Wipe Out

The world is trembling
This world is torn and bleeding
No hopes or promises

No one to lead us

Of Mother Nature with might
We took control
The sound of darkness
Can you hear the call

Embrace technology’s true faces
(the poison or the cure)

By the weakness of men you made earth to your grave
I brought you the sun to find you burning
My innocence you shattered and denied
Armageddon Wipeout

Our end closing in
Our time on earth expired
Like fools we celebrate
This downward spiral

We’ll find salvation through destruction
Bright, pure holocaust
An end to save us all

Pass your sense to me
Breath again and never be the same
Awaiting resurrection
Now the time has come
Bring me back to life

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