Perry and The Poor Boys — The Picture of Laura

Слова и текст песни Perry and The Poor Boys — The Picture of Laura

I know I’m not the man of God I used to be
I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live faithfully
But so many times, but so many times

I’ve longed for love I cannot find
I cannot find

I’ve not really learned to be the patient one
So reminded of all the years when I’ve had none
Waiting for the moment
When I know for sure
I could wait forever having never endured
I could wait forever and never be cured

I’ve got this photograph
Of a girl hanging on my board
The picture of Laura sitting On The Beach
Who wouldn’t want to be like her
Who wouldn’t want to be with her
Only Laura, the picture of Laura
I’m not falling for you

Each time I fall I hurt and cry I see your face
There’s nothing I’ve not seen before
Here in this place
My eyes deceive my heart
I crawl away from you
My head comes back to me
I run straight for the truth
The picture of Laura

I’m being haunted by memories
I’ve never known
Wishes no one granted
Of the picture I was shown
Asking my Father for something I can’t find
That the picture of Laura
Would one day be mine

She is a beauty the boys watch
When she goes by
I guess it could have been true love
If we had tried
But underneath her skin
There was no love for God at all
I could not watch her try to catch herself
When she would fall
The picture of Laura…

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