Notarthomas Jamie — Im Not Your Slave

Слова и текст песни Notarthomas Jamie — Im Not Your Slave

I will catch you, if you fall
But please don’t test me or else I’m gone
Another time, maybe, we would have doubted
But now that’s something that we can do without
I’ll shout it from the valley
Hear me high upon the mountains
I believe in you
For seven years now, winter through fall
I’ve been hanging in these bars way too long
Everybody’s mirror just reflects the worst in me
But I know I’m a better man, if only you can see
Like the sun, rain and soil that believe in the seed
I believe in you, believe in me
Your future waits at the end of the hall
Here’s a candle to help you along
Divide the dried roses by the number of lies
Infatuation only lasts until the rose dies
But I will plant a field of trees that grow ten stories high
Cause I believe in you, believe in me
So I will catch you if you fall
Come what may rich, poor, worse, I’ll take it all
Cause the longer that I stare at you the lonelier I feel
And anyone can dream but it takes two to make it real
Hey, I just got a great idea, let’s make a deal
I’ll believe in you please believe in me
Believe in me

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