New Monkees — Affection

Слова и текст песни New Monkees — Affection

The girl I used to live with
she had a bad dream
She couldn’t put it into words
so she put it in a sceam
She crawled out of the window
she stood up on the ledge
she waved at all the people
and then she jumped back from the edge
she said

I’m not crazy
I’m just a little bored
I’m tired of being lonely
I’m tired of being ignored
I need some affection
and I need it from you
has anybody ever told you
what a little affection can do

The guy I went to school with
he had a wife and a son
a house in the suburbs
and a loaded shotgun
Drove out on the highway
put his foot on the floor
never gone a secred though
just couldn’t take that life anymore


A person that I read about
or saw him on TV
They were talking him to prison
You know it could be you or me
He was trying to get attention
and he did something very bad
He was trying to take
something everybody should already have

Repeat chorus

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