Mr Bad J — Fear

Слова и текст песни Mr Bad J — Fear

(Ghetto Eskimo)
Verse 1:
I started on da wrong side today,

listen up, i didn’t mean what i said today.
when you starting the next phase, you hear a noise,
and then you have to make a choice,
if you push the button you gotta take five,
then you move on to another phase where you see them live,
make-up, big ears, fake hair, and big nose,
they’re in my head, i hatem’ all is what i chose.
you have no choice but you see this s* everywhere,
i don’t see what you people see in them, still i don’t care.
its getting dark, its getting scary, all these faces is all i could see,
they’re all in my mind can you all see?
look at all their faces, wit them stupid a* designs,
kids think its kool but its not as fine,
not as fine as these n*z playing all these tracks,
being kool is what these n*z lack.

Chorus:(for verse 1 only)
They’re everywhere….(G.E.)
on da ceiling, on da walls, on da floor, everywhere
wit there f* faces, paint,rubber nose, fake hair
all dose kids out there giving all this cheer,
but they don’t knoe what gunna happen in here.
They’re here and there….(G.E.)
wit there stupid pokadotted suits,
tell me this, wassup wit they’re goofy a* boots.
all these stupid faces is all i could take,
cuz i’m hangin’ on da edge and imma bout’ to break.

Verse 2:
They’re i am standing still waiting for this day to end,
while i’m standing there with all my hopes and dreams wanting to decend,
first i don’t know why i think is it gunna be fun,
and then i climb up, and theres nowhere to run,
i’m standing up here with nothing but fear,
i wish i could find a way to disappear.
its all so close, so scary, and so high,
i just wish that this moment was just pass by,
how do i keep these bad thoughts away,
bout’ me losing my balance if i do i’m in this place,
how do i avoid being struck like that,
its just a matter of time before i come back.
i am standing right here on the side, the edge,
stop the noise, stop the pressure, here comes ledge.
i’m taking a big sacrifice just standing up here,
cuz this could be my last move, this is my fear.

Chorus 2:
Here i go….(A.K.A)
i’m looking straight down high off the ground,
with all this fear, no need for sudden sounds.
there is no way if i fall i’m gunna survive,
might as well get it over with, i’m still gunna die.
standin’ still…(A.K.A.)
all these thoughts and fear flowing in my head might cause falling,
here i am standing at the edge just standin’,…stalling.
all this height is all i could take,
cuz i’m hangin’ on the edge and imma bout’ to break.

(Verse 3:)
FEAR…Is all i could feel,(G.E)
FEAR…Is all i could see,(A.K.A)
FEAR…Is all i what i face,(G.E.)
FEAR…Causing me to break.(A.K.A.)

Here i stand…(A.K.A)
All these faces they will never change,(G.E)
look at the smile, rubber nose, hair is fake.(G.E.)
all these faces is all i could take,(G.E.)
cuz i’m hangin’ on the edge and imma bout’ to break.(G.E.)
Standin’ still…(G.E.)
standin here at the ledge with my dreams and hopes,(A.K.A.)
if its my time to go, its my time to go.(A.K.A.)
all this fear is all i could take,(A.K.A.)
cuz i’m hangin’ on the edge and imma bout’ to break.(A.K.A)

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