Mr Bad J — Eskimo’s Anthem

Слова и текст песни Mr Bad J — Eskimo’s Anthem

(AznKonRtist A.K.A. Lil LAOZ)
verse 1:
yo, its A-z-n , oh you knoe da rest,

you knoe these f* words are comin’ from da best.
listen up, this is how life should be,
my family, f* it, it not ur bizzi.
this is how its goin down when we turn sixteen,
cruisin’ around in our benz and bentleys.
we come 4rm da highlands , centreville, and all that,
yo, becuz we’re just tight muthaf* be playin’ like that.

(ghetto eskimo)
verse 2:
yo, u just heard an f* eskimo,
and i’m an eskimo too, just all ghetto.
yo, AKA’s laos and i’m cumie,(short for cambodian)
damn right we asian till’ we die.
we be rappin’ north to da south, east to the west,
we’re doin’ this s* becuz we’re da best.
afta all da sh*t that has been said…u got da point?
yo, just f* it, there isn’t a point.

Yo its us (what?), da eskimos
its lil laos, spankie, shorty and ghetto.
yo, you betta watch out when we get on da mic,
cuz what we do is nuttin but tight.
we tight muthaf* 4rm da millenium,
cuz when we do this and that, we also represent.
we got our daimonds world wide bling blingin’
we’re da tightest muthaf* you be ever seein’.

verse 3:
yo, its me spankie, da one and only,
i’m chillin’ wit my boyz like shorty.
we be chillin’ wit cash, you ain’t gettin’ a dime,
stop askin’ stupid questions, cuz your wastin’ my time.
yo, he’s AKA, and hes shorty,
hes the ghetto and i’m spankie.
yo, its us, da eskimoz walkin’ round’ town.
yo shorty, tellem’ how its goin’ down.

verse 4:
yea datz right, hes known as spankie,
and im rapping this s* known as shorty.
yo, we da eskimos and we’re rockin’ da world, rockin’ da world new york to cali.
canada to hawaii, from laos to italy.
to us its just bizzi.
let me tell u sumthing….it ain’t personal,
becuz to us its just bussiness yo.

Hook 1’x:

(Da Eskimoz)
verse 5:
yo its us (what), da eskimos,
yo f* this s* they already know.
we’re just lil rappers tryin’ to make a hit,
we don’t wanna start some stupid s*.
we ain’t here to hurt anybody, we’re just here to rap,
so f* da cowboys that say rap is crap.
man f* this, i ain’t startin’ nuttin’
so don’t piss me off or push my buttons.
see our group?, man what a sight,
we got two tight asians and two fly whites.
whatz there names? (who?) da eskimoz,
oh them, first there’s da ghetto,
then there’s lil laos and shorty,
yo, how can we forget about spankie?.
yo thats us, da eskimoz, and if you don’t care,
then f* it, peace, we outta here.

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