Mourning Misery — Boomerang

Слова и текст песни Mourning Misery — Boomerang

This is my apology
To the love I let go
I didn’t realize that love is not like a boomerang

There is no throw and return
Throw and loose unless forgiven

I know I led myself to my grave
But the thing everyone is deceived about
Is that misery can be a good thing
I know I deserve this, and I know that no one cares
At least I can’t hurt someone if they don’t care
No more hearts will be searched
I can’t love another

I was so mistaken
I didn’t realize how much I’d miss you
I knew I cared but not this much
I thought the love I felt would fade away
But it just grows and befriends regret as time moves
I long for the person I severed myself from
So come back to me, please forgive me
And let me stay with you
So we can be what we’re meant for
I’ll walk these streets alone
Until the day you return

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