Mortification — Hammer of God

Слова и текст песни Mortification — Hammer of God

Hammer of God, Crushing the gates of evil
Reigning in Glory, Satan bows to The Word

Fire, burning, swords, blazing,
Hate, dying, Glory, Raised.

[Verse 1]
Heads held high, reflecting God shining
Now the Hammer has fallen
Evil lies, on the anvil
Sparks are flying, as the Hammer smashing blow.

[Chorus repeat]

See the sky, streams of Light breaking forth
Darkness cracked, as the candle shines
Raised with force, the Hammer will prevail
Christian ways victorious, fill us with Your praise.

[Chorus repeat]

We are light, spreading Gospel Truth
You just might listen to our ways
Now be converted, feel the blessed heart
Change forever, eternal life

[Chorus repeat x2]

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