Mistweaver — The Curse

Слова и текст песни Mistweaver — The Curse

Cursed be you all, judges and hangmen
And the silent wicked crowd
Hidden in the shadows looking for a victim

Just a sacrifice for god

Impotence, justice is on your side
To condemn whoever you want
Malicious, twisted minds
Soon you’ll be caught by the curse

Satan, I offer you my soul
Now I will reign together with you
Give me the pleasure of returning to avenge
Giving you my soul

Unleash the demons
And the strength from hell
I’ll swear you my loyalty
For this timeless oath

Yours is my soul
Yours is my death
Yours forever
If you allow me to return

God is denied
I have left the light
It’s a new age
Now my soul is black

Black as night
And dark as hell
From the depths
I will take you all

The curse began
You all shall die
Too late to repent
You dug your own graves

The strongest feelings of hate
My darkest thoughts of horror
My well-prepared vengeance
Your eyes will show just fear

Cursed be you all
Hidden in the shadows

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