Mimikry — I Want More

Слова и текст песни Mimikry — I Want More

Standing on the edge today
Standing here, I just pray
I don’t wanna live I don’t wanna die

I just wanna get away

The gods are teasing me
Why can’t the let me be
Why can’t I have wings like a bird
And fly away to anther world

You can not see what this life does to me
You can not hear what the gods sing to me
Life is a bitch and death is a whore
But I’m a human being and I want more

Standing in the rain
But I don’t feel mush pain
‘Cause in my body there’s cocaine
That move up against my brain

Standing here praying to god
But he’s as mean as my dad
He doesn’t listen to a word I say
So why should I keep on praying

You can not see…

I can not think with my brain
‘Cause my brain is full of cocaine
I can not listen to my soul
‘Cause my soul is full off alcohol

Please god take me out of this hell
If you can’t please ring the bell
But I don’t really wanna die
I’m a person me and I

You can not see…

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