Max Romeo — Rent Man

Слова и текст песни Max Romeo — Rent Man

[A who dat a knock so early, sir?

-A me, "Nine-finger" the rentie Idren]

Woy, what a pressure
Landlord a pressure tenants
Woy, what a pressure
Landlord a pressure tenant

Everywhere you can turn in town
You hear people saying house rent too high
Yes everywhere you can turn in town
The poor people crying house rent too high
Your rent one this month for fifty dollars
You live there two months it raise to sixty dollars
If you have any children, you can’t get it
No matter what the price, you ha fe gladly take it

Every three weeks the rent man come
With him bodyguard and him big, long gun
You can’t tell him seh you no have it
Anyway deh you have to try find it
Or else him coming back with the bailiff man
Coming in a van with two police men
And one thing you must understand
If you even get drop him nah get no wrong

Woy, what a pressure
Landlord a pressure tenant
Woy, woy, woy, what a pressure, hey
Landlord, dem a pressure tenants

My landlord is a cruel man
A man that no one can understand
Every time the rent near fe due
That is the time when my landlord screw
And when him collect, him smile again
That’s the only time me and him are friend
But that friendship only lasts for three weeks
‘Cause three weeks’ time the rent drew again

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