Lloyd Banks — The First Me

Слова и текст песни Lloyd Banks — The First Me


[Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Yeah! {COME ON! }
G-Unit baby! {CRAZY! } [kids ovation]
2 G’s up!

They kind and talk shit to you and sue you
Don’t let them fool you, boxed in results of beating up Blue Lu (ugh!)
Nigga I ain’t the new you! (nah!) — I’m the first me!
Unrated version — in a armored suburban (whoo!) {DAMN! }
And the picture lights curvin’ — ain’t nothin for certain
Close friends be turnin’! Fuck it! — Close his curtain. [shot]
It’s darker on the other side!
God let me number slide, hot since Benz’s were bubberlide. [scream]
The green matters besides that, I’m color blind
Duckin’ 21 jump street — on the cover time.
Catch me in the street run deep — and a rubber nine
Niggas yappin move bout mine, another trouble sign. [shot]
Pricks handin out tips on me and my click (yeah!)
Private investigating on that CSI shit
Keep your mind quick and your dirt low, people gossip
Singe than a motherfucka, you ain’t sleep with my chick. [shot]
Ain’t shit changed boy, same click same Lloyd
Same phenominal flow that got the game noise
Still got the flama to bend ya control your anger (uh!) {Whoooooooooooooooooooooo}
Nigga won’t come out no more — like Kramer! {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
Danger, mayhem, murder — mishaps and clicks clacks
Surgery through six packs, beef all over this rap. (yeah!)
I’ll get you gift wrapped. (gift wrapped!) — Send your ass back!
Family and friends tighter than my last track. [shot]
Hollowtips and politics headin’ into November (uh!)
Bottle shit to model chick shit that I don’t remember! (uh-uh!)
I’m a lender, and your a borrower, a fucking pretender
I’m on in every month now see you niggas December. — Remember!

I am pound for pound…
The PLK!
Hahaha! [classice evil laughter]
Run this shit
Green Gang!
Shout out to all my niggas, man!
All the real niggas, man!
Fake niggas die quick, man
G-Unit still the click, man!
Green Gang hit man! {CAN’T FORGET… }
I’m the shittt!

COACH PR! [beat fades out]
«HALLOWEEN… HAVOC»! [police sirens]

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