Lil’ Wayne — Shine

Слова и текст песни Lil’ Wayne — Shine

[Wayne] what wha wha wha wha
what wha wha wha wha
Cash Mo-ney Millonaires
So Take It there

[Juvenile] Yellow Viper, yellow Hummer,Yellow Benz,Yellow PT Cruiser, Yellow ‘Lac on rims Drop Yellow ‘Vette and platinum Rolls Royce That’s seven diffrent cars every day I got a choice
On my way to pick up Joyce, she be making me moist Givin me head while she hummin, she can play with her voice and she got nice thighs, a big plump ass she could ride a dick too, make me cum fast
I like them modelin bitches,I love them swallowin bitches,where them hoes,there they at, I’m bout to follow them bitches (let’s go)
I know you with your folks, but that nigga is broke you might as well open your legs and let a nigga poke I ‘m a show What It Is not to be a window shopper mami you can have fendi, mami you can have a Prada alls you gotta break a nigga off proper you can be with yo man I ain’t tryna stop ya

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