Lahmia — The Tunnel

Слова и текст песни Lahmia — The Tunnel

Suffering at night
Souls caged
Call you at this time
You can’t do nothing to hear them not
Nothing seems the same in this faded place
Choice is yours: follow or not!
Beyond the night something exists
All is dead, all is bright
— A never ending suffering —
Opening the eyes
Limbo calls you
Following the peace
Into the tunnel
Live or die to be found or lost
I Feel the dissolution of forms:
Disintegration of security and laws
Time is but a moment
That has been denied in eternity
It’s the loss of faith, roam in this cage
Time’s dead, it’s all over
Nothing more turns back again
My spirit leaves his cage and prepares himself to go away
This is the endless night of certainty
My body sleeps without respite
But I feel free
My spirit leaves his cage and prepares himself to go away
My body sleeps without respite
This time I’ll know if I’ll ride
Or if I will die again

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