Kylie Minogue — Loving Days

Слова и текст песни Kylie Minogue — Loving Days

I’ll dive deep,
I have fallen all the way,
Happily there’s no escape,
Surrender to your heart,
Giving in to all of this,
Fascinated by your kiss,
I’m floating in your arms,
Take your time, just unwind,
Ooh, I wanna breathe you in,
A little while to ease your mind,
You’re the world I’m living in,
Precious time with you,
Diving in the blue,
We are riding on the waves,
These are loving days,
Loving days with you,
Fantasy, feel it rushing over me,
Nowhere else I want to be,
My love is by my side,
For a moment you and me,
Holding on to ecstacy,
Give us all day and night

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