Kristen Hall — Fading Away

Слова и текст песни Kristen Hall — Fading Away

one of these days i’ll be bound somewhere outside of this town i’ll walk
away never look back these city limits do just that there’s nothing left
that’s making me stay and i’m afraid of fading away somebody show me a sign
throw me an unspoken line the mercy of a gentle word a tenderness so seldom
heard when that’s all that there is what’s left to say but i’m afraid of
fading away maybe you would ask why i cannot say i know there’s a voice
speaking to me speaking through me i close my eyes and i see somebody i
wanna be but just one look into the mirror shows me what i fear most
incessantly time’s ticking through my days and i’m so afraid of fading away
of fading away

(Johnny D/guitar, Don McCollister/bass, Travis McNabb/drums)

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