Kanye West — Freestyle with Forbes 01

Слова и текст песни Kanye West — Freestyle with Forbes 01

This is what the COVID list made
All this hate, all this hate
Look at what the COVID list made, all this pain
Try to keep us quiet, cause riots
Look at what the COVID’s made, this hate
That the COVID made, this hate
Try to keep us quiet, cause riots
Try to keep us quiet, cause riots
How ’bout we change up our diet?
How ’bout we change the diet?
How ’bout we get a real plan
How ’bout we change up the meal plan
How ’bout we stop hidin’ in bunkers and be a real man
It’s only for God, I’m a real fan
The system will fall and God’s people will stand
I know ’cause God willed this, I know you can feel this
God is the real this, the Devil can’t kill this
I know because he willed this
We ’bout to go big, yes we will, Kris
We ’bout to go big, Robert, yes we will
Kris, Kardashian, Rob, Kardashian
First to get a nigga free, now my wife big
Up with that again
We gon’ take Sunday Service to The Vatican
Ooh, we ’bout to spaz again
I heard The Pope speak twenty-seven language
The only language is love and that’s God goin’ at again
Uh, pssht, we get the practice in
Uh, pssht, no more actressin’
Uh, pssht, this the fact, this is
Uh, pssht, ah
That’s how the freestyle go

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