Jodie Brooke Wilson — Temporary Madness

Слова и текст песни Jodie Brooke Wilson — Temporary Madness

Temporary Madness
Jodie Brooke Wilson

two trees that grow together
til the roots are inseparable
so close, so deep that separation
is inconceivable, unthinkable, impossible
They are one life indivisible

* an ever closer, union of souls
a force of nature
that nothing can control
it’s a temporary madness
that no one ever learned
that love is what you’re left with
when reality returns
your falling in love
temporary madness fills your heart
cupid’s arrow cuts right through you
sentimental fool that’s who you are
your fallin in love
suddenly your stumbling in the dark
think you know your way but do you?
drivin with no brakes
you’ve gone too far

its like your in my DNA
like it was always gonna feel this way
and i know that I’ve been here before
like stepping blindly into space
another time, another place
that so familiar
Its unbelievable

(repeat *)

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