Janet Jackson — If

Слова и текст песни Janet Jackson — If

sittin’ over here staring in your face
with lust in my eyes
sure you don’t give a damn
and you don’t know that i’ve been dreaming of ‘ya
in my fantasies
never once you looked at me
don’t even realize that i want you to fulfill my needs
think of what you want
let your mind free
run free to a place that noone dares to

how many times
i lay in bed excited over you
i closed my eyes and thought of us a hundred different ways
i’ve been there so many times i wonder how about you
day, night
night, day
all i’ve got to say is
(chorus verse)
if i was your girl,
the things i’d do for you
i’d make you call out my name
i’d ask who it belongs to
if i was your woman
the things i’d do for you
but i’m not, so i can’t, and i won’t
if i was your girl

allow me some time to play with your mind
and i’ll get there again and again
close your eyes and imagine my body undressd take your time
’cause we’ve got all night
ooh.. you on the rise
and you’re touching my thighes
let me know what you like
if you like
i’ll go down da down da da down down down
i’ll hold you in my hand and baby

your smoothe and shiney feels so good against my lips sugar
just close your eyes and hold on tight baby
i want you so bad i can taste your love right now baby
day, night, night day
all i’ve got to say is

if i was your girl…(repete verse)

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