Jane — We Are One

Слова и текст песни Jane — We Are One

I’ve been to many places
I keep seeing the same old faces
Don’t know how much is true
Cos I lose myself when I think of
I walked around the edge
And I grew some roots in the talking heads
The words they say ring true
But I lose myself when I think of

We Are One (repeat)

Surrender to the power
That makes every moment lead to now
I guess that I’ve been through
A few illusions to get to

We Are One (repeat)

Where I am
I grow weary of the storm that leads me to
Wherever I think I am
Whenever I find
A different point of view
Grains of sand may throw me
Voices in the distance call my name
Memories beckon me
Back to where I once became

We Are One (repeat)

Produced and programmed by David Rosenthal
Words and Music — Jane
Lead and backing vox-Jane,Dave Rosenthal
Piano and keyboards — Reg We
Bass Guitar — Enrico Milieu
Guitar — Jane / David Rosenthal

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