Indecision — Guilty

Слова и текст песни Indecision — Guilty

no one is born a bigot
there is no mind more open than a child’s
but teach a child prejudice, hatred
and that mind begins to close until a racist is born
evil is not innate, no child knows color
teaching their children to lie, prejudge and be close-minded
sometimes what we don’t teach our children is more important than what we do
it’s relentless
this ignorance that infects us all
it has come to be what we expect
perpetuated by years of ignorance
passed on through the generations
but we won’t be deceived
why are we born with blood on our hands and sin on our minds
why are we born with guilt and a blade hanging over our heads
evil seems instinctual, what’s right must be pursued
why are the tools no longer given to us
why have we rights to abuse
we refuse to be guilty

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