Icp (insane Clown Posse) — Bang! Pow! Boom!

Слова и текст песни Icp (insane Clown Posse) — Bang! Pow! Boom!

(Chorus) With a BANG! Say goodbye to everythang

Your complete anihilation is the reason he came
And a POW! He’s whipin everything out, turn your whole fuckin world into a mushroom cloud
And a BOOM! It’s your inevitible doom, nobody escapes and everybody’s consumed

Welcome to the Dark Carnival super show, you’re our specialy invited guests and I’ll tell you what fo’
Cause you’re the evilest pedophiles, rapists, and abusers
All together we’ve got
Fifty-thousand of you losers
You’re all about to witness an incredible sight
Nobody’s ever lived to tell about it
And don’t think you might
It’s about to rain flames,
Frames, and brains
To be blown into peices is the reason you came
Racist bigots, wife beaters, judges, and cowards
All crowded together expecting a show and some dollars
But instead the shit you’re gunna see
You’ll fear it in Hell
It a constant explosion, see and feel it you shall

(Chorus) (x1)

In the deserts of Nevada
Where nothin else matta,
It’s the perfect place for you and your intestines to splatta
And while Bang! Pow! Boom! steady stomps you all out
You’re in the hole for the nuclear fall out
With the snakes and fakes creapy sneaks
Hooks and crooks and horney freaks
Shaddy ladies evil ernies richy richs and charlie cheaps
Bang! Pow! Boom! they say the show is the bom
I heard it’s strait up explosive, some even call it napalm
Nobody battles back, this ain’t no kinda war
It’s a one way execution, blow you strait to hell through the floor
What the fuck you think you here for? sound the alarm
Ladies and gentleman eat shit and die, let’s bring I’m out

(Chorus) (x1)

The air is thick with sick demented brains and thoughts,
But here they are all together, every one of them caught
This is a celibration, in fact the carnival’s cheering
It’s not too often Bang! Pow! Boom! makes an aperence
And the winds in the sky will carry away all the ash
But for now let us enjoy, the big bang blast!

(Chorus) (repeat until all fifty-thousand can be fit into one ashtray)

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