Hocico — Temple Of Lies

Слова и текст песни Hocico — Temple Of Lies

Fatten those tender lambs
’till they’re ready
To be brought forth
Into the temple of lies
Taste this powder make a choice
Before someone hurts the children
They’re gonna show us
The oppression that we’ve felt
We hope aggression dies away
Shocked brains wondering who’s gonna fall
Impressions from the holy eyes
I’m hearing their lies
I’m seeing their eyes looking for preys
What’s gonna happen in this place?
Confused mental state
I see their faith riping apart
Show them your shape
Shattered, beaten, tired
They say : just pray
Questions dividing us
Like a blurred image
Composed of fantasies
Believe it their ideals
Are on decay
Fixed way we see that’s only an ambition
For along time we’ve drunk their insults with fear
Vestiges of repentance
We’re afraid to see beyond our eyes
What do we hide?
Feign compassion and pull out his heart with your hand
There’s no much left here
They are so lost yearning madly for a clear light
The temple of lies

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