Himsa — Mud

Слова и текст песни Himsa — Mud

Young dumb fools Here we come Dragging what’s left of our dirty thoughts We’re feeling young and dumb Because they come Out of nowehre And without a warning Good morning Slide out of bed It’s going to take a million cold showers to wash away this mud We’ve been slinging Hey, everyone gets lonely Even when we’re not alone It can be very scary Wearing these earth suits Alien from Mars And Venus came and made this mess It’s no fault of ours That we’re all unclean She’s unclean He’s unclean Just like our mothers and our fathers And their mothers and their fathers And their mothers and their fathers They all died and Have solied themselves And it leeches up through the roots To the flowers Where the birds abd the bees pollinate The land with toxic shame Shame begets shame Guilt and shame Toxic shame End this strain

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