Helen Reddy — Pretty, Pretty

Слова и текст песни Helen Reddy — Pretty, Pretty

Pretty, pretty
Sittin’ pretty
Underneath a Mick Jagger poster
Writing down your number on a coaster
At your favorite bar
Friday, Saturday star

Pretty, pretty
Waitin’ pretty
As you sit and nurse a Diet Cola
Dressed to kill and dinin’ from a bowl of
Peanuts stale from the jar
Bracelets hiding the scar

Twinkle twinkle, weekend star
How you wonder who you are
Down below the world so high
Like a rhinestone in the sky
Oh my

Pretty, pretty
Seven pretty
Ribbons in a five and ten cent palace
Wonderland has room for one more Alice
Maybe it could be you
Girl, you’re long overdue

Pretty, pretty
With your kitty
Wonderin’ when you’re comin’ home to feed her
While you wait and pray that you won’t need her
Won’t need kitty tonight
Dopey sprung for Snow White

Twinkle twinkle, weekend star
If I told you who you are
You would say, «That isn’t true
That’s some other girl,» not you
Not you

Pretty, pretty
No self-pity
As you look for weekends lost forever
All the Friday nights that you will never miss
Who remembers you when

Pretty, pretty
Sleepin’ pretty
In your eighty-dollar five-flat walkup
Dreamin’ of the names you used to chalk up
On your bulletin board
No more chalk on the cord

Twinkle twinkle, weekend star
Shut the door and close the bar
Bolt the window, pull the shade
Cinderella’s got it made
Slow fade

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