Hate May Return — Smells Good But Tastes Like Shit

Слова и текст песни Hate May Return — Smells Good But Tastes Like Shit

Waiting for the day
This torture comes to an end
Every day it’s harder to forget

Your face
Your smile
An endless circle
A story without any hope

And now I’m left
At the end of nothing
At the end of nowhere
Screaming endlessly

Got nothing left to loose
Mourning becomes hatred
I feel free again

I was better to you
Than you’ve deserved
Condemned by you
I hope you suffer in hell

But I don’t give a fuck BITCH

I was better than you’ve deserved
What have you done? It’s like a knife cutting through my chest, piercing my heart over and over again and again

What ever may come
You’ll never change
And in the end
It’s all the same

One day I’ll wakeup
Everything’s over
No more pain
No more hate

My heart dies more with every step you take away
Now I’m left alone in the dark
And cured
To never see another day
And cursed
To never see another day

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