Go-go’s, The — I Think It’s Me

Слова и текст песни Go-go’s, The — I Think It’s Me

Can’t take anymore
My head’s spinning ’round
Goin’ back and forth
Goin’ up and down

Don’t know where I stand
Someone always loves a little more
And I think it’s me

Sometimes I think you care
And then you don’t
Then I think you will
And then you won’t


Wonderin’ why I feel this way
Could it be something that you said
Or is it just some daydream
When I think of you and me
Then I see you pass me by
With that certain look in your eye
Now I’m back where I began
Not knowin’ where I stand-I think it’s me

Go ahead now
Take a chance
Don’t worry ’bout losin’ another romance


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