Gavin Friday — Next

Слова и текст песни Gavin Friday — Next

Naked as sin an army towel covers my body some of us blush, somehow knees turn to jelly — next! next! i was still just a kid there were a hundred others like me i follow the naked body, the na
Ody follows me — next! next! i was still just a kid when my innocence was lost, in a mobile-army whore house, gift of the army, free of cost! next! you’re next! me? i really would have liked, ju
Little touch of tenderness, maybe a word or smile, some happiness, but oh! no! next! next! well it wasn’t so tragic the high heavens didn’t fall, but most of that time i hated being there at all
Next! next! i always recall those flying flags, the army tanks, those queer lieutenants who slapped our asses as if we were fags next! you’re next! i swear on the head of my first case of th
! it’s that ugly voice that i forever hear

Next! next! the voice that stinks of corpses of whiskey and mud it’s the voice of the nations, the thick, thick, voice of blood next! next! and each time i’m with a woman and i take her to
D, she whispers and laughs through my head next! you’re next! all the naked and the dead should hold each others hands as i scream out loud each night in a dream no-one understands n
next! and when i’m not screaming in a voice cold, dry and hollow i stand on endless, naked lines of the following and the followed next! next! one day i’ll cut my legs off, i’ll burn
F alive, i’d do anything, anything, just to keep out of line, just to stay out of line and never to be next! no, never to be next! no! na! na! na! next!

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