Flow — Follow Me

Слова и текст песни Flow — Follow Me

[Verse I]

Forward’s where we’re going,
Progress’ what we’re chasing,
Backwards where we’re running from when we look at what we’re facing
We’re going on a mission,
Not ready for submission,
We’re leading a coalition; we’re heavily armed with intuition


I just need you to follow me

[Verse II]

We’re thoroughly convicted,
It’s in our blood; we feel we’re listed,
We’ll give it all, we’ll fight, we’ll fall, we’ll rise, we’ll conquer satisfaction
So have you gotten the idea?
And we know we’re gonna see ya’,
And are you ready for the ride that we’re about to give ya’?


[Verse III]

We’re taken by the vision,
We’re on, we take no intermission,
This is our journey for the making the greatest subtexts in the taking
So will you swallow? Will you follow?
We swear to you it isn’t hollow,
We’re scared as well, we ache, we swell, convictions hell, but hell’s worth fighting!


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