Floetry — I Want You

Слова и текст песни Floetry — I Want You


Baby, I’ve made me decision
It’s you
You’re the one
There’s nothing else that needs to happen
I Want U
I Want U

[Verse 1:]

Baby, Baby,
I’m excited
That you’re here,
You’re invited
Into me,
Take it slowly
But take it baby
Take Me
I’ve come to my realization,
I’m ready
Full compromise,
It’s cool with me
Now you can go through,
What you need to go through
Because I Want U
Baby, I Want U


I Want U
I Want U
I Want U
I Want U

[Verse 2:]

Baby, Baby,
I’m on fire
Your caress,
Takes me higher
I can’t control it,
Can’t keep quiet,
And I don’t want to,
Make me louder
Make me baby,
I’m here
I’m ready for anything
What’s your call?
I’m your solider
Your lover
Your child’s mother
And I Want U



There’s more out here,
Than just what you know baby
And I Want U
You know how to be a man,
But there’s a whole additional mindset
And I Want U
I’m a manifestation of the Divine Mother
You’re a manifestation of the Divine Father
We are two in the same
So can you say my name?
I Want U


It’s time baby
It’s time for you to listen,
To the things you don’t understand
I know you,
You wanna be a man
I know you,
You are a God Man
Then listen to me baby
I have the answers to the questions you’re asking me baby
Do you know that you don’t know?
Then let me show you
If you could hear me
This is more than just what you’ve learnt
You need to be a master now
Let’s apply it
Let’s apply it
Listen baby
Just “Be” it
No more talk
Just “Be” it
Be responsible
I am who I say I am

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