Fat Amy — Come Undone

Слова и текст песни Fat Amy — Come Undone

(RJ Johnson/Guiney/Reedy)
inching closer to finally realize, your will to live
became a will to die
so quick to questioning everything, it feels so cold
I’m finally in unfamiliar surroundings
please waste some time
she looks down on me, she holds my hand
feel a ribbon of gray laced through her dark hair
for the first time
I couldn’t be for this
just to see it end
I won’t try to pretend, that I can make it
please waste some time
"even though," she never said it, "you were to afraid to ask"
how will you ever forgive me
I’ve come undone
I’ve come undone
wait awhile, try to make it end
I won’t mind to pretend
that I can make it
please waste some time
I’ve come undone

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