Evil Army — Evil Army

Слова и текст песни Evil Army — Evil Army

Ready to die, send in some more troops
Under command to spill the blood of the innocent
Soldiers on the front line charge toward the enemy
Come as no surprise, hit you like a heart attack
Rifles will rise, millions will fall
Onto the edge of destruction and into war

Make you a victim in your own home
Evil army — crush the elite, army the dominant force

Roll in the tanks, shoot ’em off clear ’em out
Infantry kicking in the front door
Bow down to higher rank, hail the invading force
With only a desire to win a war that can’t be won

Make you a victim in your own home
Evil army — ripping through the streets and everybody that they see
Evil army — starting the war so man exist no more
Evil army — coming to fight slaughter everything in sight

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