Eric Johnson — Broom Stick

Слова и текст песни Eric Johnson — Broom Stick

When I was just a Little Kid I was chillen in my room
Then I found out what I can do with a broom
I stuck it in and I moved it all around
Didn’t stop til’ I hit the ground
I stuck it in
Yea I stuck it in
Now I want it again and again
Once I found out wat the broom can do
Don’t need a man so fuck you!
I need it now like I had it then
And I want stop til’ I feel the end
The broom is so good
It’s definitly the best thang in the hood!
Don’t mess with the broom or you will see
The crazy shit that it’s done to me
I’ll tell you now and I’ll tell u again
I gotta stop cuz I felt the end….

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