Eric Herman — The Tiger and the Zebra

Слова и текст песни Eric Herman — The Tiger and the Zebra

The Tiger phoned the Zebra and invited him to dine
He said, If you could join me that would simply be divine
The Zebra said, I thank you, but respectfully decline
I heard you ate the antelope He was a friend of mine!

On hearing this, the Tiger said, I must admit, its true
I also ate the buffalo, the llama and the gnu
And yes, I ate the warthog, the gazelle and kangaroo
But I could never eat a creature beautiful as you

You see, I have a secret Im embarrassed to confide
I look on you with envy and a modicum of pride
Of all the creatures ever known, the tiger gently sighed,
It seems we are the only two with such a stripy hide

Now, seeing as we share this strange resemblance of the skin,
I only can conclude that we are just as close as kin
This means you are my brother, and though fearsome I have been,
I could not eat my brother That would surely be a sin

On hearing this, the Zebra said, Im certain you are right
The stripy coats we both possess are such a handsome sight
My brother, will you let me reconsider if I might?
My calendar is empty, so please, let us dine tonight

The Tiger met the Zebra in his brand new fancy car,
and drove him to a restaurant It wasnt very far
And when they both were seated at a table near the bar,
the Zebra asked, Whats on the grill? The Tiger said, You are!

But please, you cannot dine on me! the outraged Zebra cried
To cook me up and eat me is a thing I cant abide
You asked me for your trust and I unwarily complied
You said you cou

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