Emmylou Harris — Cajun Born

Слова и текст песни Emmylou Harris — Cajun Born

I was Born On The Bayou
Thirty miles of Layfayette
My daddy was a cajun man
Lord he tought us how to plow
I remember mama’s breakfast
Cush cush and a kaye
Being served on a banyee
Oh i wish i had some now

I’m a cajun born
I’m a cajun bred
When i die
I’m a cajun dead
If i die in Alaska
If i die in Ohio
This soul will find it’s way back to the bayou

We went to church every sunday
We had a french speaking preacher man
Joked about the preacher man
Cause we thought he wore a dress

After church we had a party
We played the music on the phonograph
We had a man singing jole blan
Made a sinner out of me

(repeat chours)

When i’m ready to be married
I’m going to be this cajun lady
Some sorta like my mamma
Cause there ain’t no other kind
Cause there ain’t no other kind

Wherever fortune takes me
If it makes me or it breaks me
Its memories will forsake me
Louisiana on my mind

(repeat chours)

If i die in alaska,if i die in ohio
This soul will find it’s way back to the bayou

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