Dropkick Murphys — Curse Of A Fallen Soul

Слова и текст песни Dropkick Murphys — Curse Of A Fallen Soul

— Lyrics: Casey, Music: Barton, Kelly —

Another Wake, Another Time, A Premature Goodbye. I’ve watched you go and seen you pass, I always knew it wouldn’t last. Together now we mourn the loss, and remember all the fun. We’ll Drink the beer and hang out where death took another son. So all for one and one for all, do we ever wonder why. Though the reasons clear, this friend so dear was taken before his time.

chorus: So may this round be on the corpse of a dead man, with a toast that tells of a love you never shared. So as we dance on the grave of the misbehaved . . Raise your glass! And sing the praise of a fallen soul.

Many bow their heads for this man they know so well, with solemn thoughts they’ll drink and drug for a resurrection. (Facing death we fear no danger) While Mothers shed their tears through a vail of desperation these fiends of a vicious breed raise Holy Hell.


How many times can fate be changed, the dice be rolled is there no path of least resistance, for the bold (It’s never sought and rarely taken)




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